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So much has changed in what we have accomplished. As progress is being made toward the fulfilling of our mission at FOC, we decided to update our website and give it a new look.

While our mission has never changed, we recently adopted a newer and fresher vision/mission statement:

"Christ-centered support for foster, adoptive and in need families."

Because of generous donors like you, much progress has been made toward fulfilling this mission: The endowment fund is completed; all four of the homes are now complete. Three of the four homes have Christian parents in them and FBCH are actively looking to fill the last home.(These homes can accommodate up to 16 children); Now that construction is completed on the new two homes; and we are actively working to create supporting structures to minister to these families and others in the area that are fostering. Now that construction is complete on the remaining homes, we still need to furnish and turn our attention to the support side. The more you help, the more we can help.

The need is great, but not overwhelming. We are making a positive difference in the lives of children and families, financially, emotionally and spiritually.


Children's Home
(Photo by Monica Mueller)

The Cellon-Thomas campus of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes
is located in Gainesville,
for more details and directions contact Bonne Evans.


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